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Billiards Table Assembly

Moving / Installation

We carefully take your billiards table apart, and we use the proper equipment to ensure safe delivery of your table.  After we move it to your desired location, we completely assemble it back together, so its ready to go!

Assembly / Disassembly

We come to your house, office, or wherever your table is and we do onsite assembly or disassembly of your own table ! We also include assembly and disassembly services for tables you buy from us!


With professional grade tools, we verify that your table is assembled correctly and we make sure its leveled to regulation dimensions so you can have the best playing experience.

Re - Felting

At J&G we have a perfectly designed re-felting process to make your table feel and look brand new again! we remove all the old cloth and felt from your table and install the new one of your choice! We have many brands and colors available to suite your needs.

Re - Cushioning

The Re-cushioning process involves the changing of the rubbers on rails/ bumpers.  The bumpers get hard and flaky, and makes the rail and the bounce of the ball to improper and affects the dynamics of the game.  We completely replace your your bumpers and then we replace your felt as well.

Custom Made Tables

We have a variety of felt colors and tables. We install a brand new felt of your choice! Or if you have a custom made felt design, we can install that on your table as well!

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